The NO-SIN Project

Please tell us how we can make our life sinless. It’s not about less sin, it is about NO SIN. We can all make this universe a Harmless, Happy to live abode. Don’t worry even if it sounds next to impossible. Just let know about it. There was a day when we felt reaching the moon, landing a rocket on the moon etc, travelling to other galaxies was impossible. But we made them look possible, humans who once said “no they are not possible” to many unexplored possibilities, today say “they are possible” to many. Everything seems to be possible and everything lies in a hope. Even if we cannot live in such a world, lets make one for our future generation.

Definition of SIN: Something that harms others even for the slightest.

To start with the following thoughts came across:-

  1. We should be able to eat food without having to kill another life.
    1. Change carnivorous and herbivorous animals into fruit eating animals.
  2. Everyone should be able to live anywhere in the infinite universe. Thus the fear of over populating should go away.
  3. Everyone should live infinitely.
  4. There should be no weapons in the entire universe.
  5. We need to stop the method of annihilating other organisms (we call some of them pests, but we are bigger pests today (July 03, 2012), we are all trying to improve as and when we can, in little little steps with the hope of making a better tomorrow) and find wiser ways to coexist with them.
  6. Socialization should be non injurious. i.e. Need to learn ways to talk, and live ways that does not hurt others.
  7. Food and essential living Goods should be available free. Food should be unlimited

While doing this exercise we successfully identified the way TREEs lived are the most ethical. They just give away endlessly. They live on non-living elements for their survival. Don’t HARM ANY ONE. And in return they are gifted ENDLESS LIFE by GOD.
If we reverse engineer the TREES process of cultivating FRUITS, the problem of FOOD shortage in the world will disappear. We will not have to SIN anymore to live.
Future Scientists, what ever the tree does to produce FRUITS from the 5 elements, it does it in front of our own eyes, so it can be reverse engineered. Again, while discussing these points, I was pointed out “Even the Wise Trees sucks vital nutrients from the nature and competes with other plants causing their death, so trees are closest to 100%, error free.” but that does not mean one should not try becoming wiser. Everything lies in a hope.


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3 Responses to The NO-SIN Project

  1. Lata Ramdas ji ( at ( wrote “I believe that all this is going to happen in the near future.A state of ONENESS will come about in the people …”

  2. Dr Chaya M.S at Sadgoshthi ( asked “When action harms ourselves is it sin or not?”

    • Response:-

      Please correct if wrong:-
      1. When an action harms us it is a SIN. We need to try and find an action
      that does not harm ourselves as well. Because if we act unjustified to
      ourselves we might think, the same is justified with others. Then we
      might act the same with others and collect a SIN.

      2. When we say it is harming ourselves, then others watching us
      harming ourselves might think it is justified and might follow that
      trait. Then those wrong learned people might harm others. The person
      who harms oneself might collect an indirect SIN as well.

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